Master Crafter the 1st Edition: ‘Born Crafted’ The First 2D Visual Art Exhibition in Thailand!! By ‘MOOSE Cider,’ Thailand’s Premium Apple Craft Cider


Master Crafter the 1st Edition: ‘Born Crafted’ The First 2D Visual Art Exhibition in Thailand!! By ‘MOOSE Cider,’ Thailand’s Premium Apple Craft Cider

“MOOSE Cider” by Siam Winery, Thailand’s and Southeast Asia’s leading wine producer and distributor is holding the ‘Master Crafter the 1st Edition: ‘Born Crafted,’ the first craft art competition in Thailand. To win one of the prizes, which includes a 100,000 Baht cash prize, contestants were asked to craft a 2D visual artwork with a Moose antler image that they could download. There was no restriction on the type of 2D artwork that could be submitted.  

At “MOOSE Cider,” we are contemporary crafters and modern makers that are driven by passion with fresh and authentic thinking. We believe people are ready for something different and authentic. Our sentiment is that everyone can be a master of their own craft if they have passion, dedication and determination. We are holding the Master Crafter the 1st Edition: ‘Born Crafted’ campaign as a space for modern makers to share their unique work. The campaign will seek out bold and passionate Master Crafters who were ‘Born Crafted’ like craft Moose Cider’s philosophy.

All participants were asked to embark on a journey, using our Moose antlers, to create unique, creative and storytelling 2D visual artworks like a painting, drawing, photograph, graphic image or any type of 2D Visual art piece under the topic “Create your own “Moose” Visual Art from your crafted soul” — Master Crafter: ‘Born Crafted.’ Since the campaign kicked off last November, lots of crafters and illustrators nationwide submitted their art pieces totaling more than 400 pieces after which, 30 of them were shortlisted. The judging committee included Puck—TripuckSupawattana, the first Moose Cider Master Crafter. He is one of Thailand’s leading artists, a freelance cartoonist, and illustrator. He created the iconic mascot “Sawreal Rabbit.” The other judges included ChukiatOnchuen, a media arts lecturer from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, PutthikoonPenwan, a special lecturer at Bangkok University and managing director of BX24 Co., Ltd., NoppadonSowachan, a graphic designer and the founder of RGB& Design Room, and ChalidaRatchatapongton, a design lecturer at PhranakhonRajabhat University. The 30 shortlisted artworks are being showcased at the Moose Master Crafter: Born Crafted exhibition until 1 February 2020 at Palette ArtspaceThonglor.

The winner of ‘Master Crafter the 1st Edition: ‘Born Crafted’ is AnantKhamdee who received the 100,000 Baht cash prize. His concept is “Despite being amongst hunters, be afraid of nothing. If we are confident we are authentically strong, we can be great in our own way.”

At the event, visitors can enjoy craft arts in new creative ideas and connect with creative, talented illustrators as well as professional crafters and special guests to grow and shine together. There are also exciting activities like Interactive Wall: Let’s talk, Let’s share, Let’s connect, Interactive Moose Sculpture and booths where you can get your own character drawing by TripuckSupawattana, Moose Cider’s first Master Crafter.

Let’s join and experience Moose Cider’s crafted arts in Master Crafter: Born Crafted at Palette ArtspaceThonglor from today until 1 February 2020 every day at 08.00 — 20.00 hrs. where your passion will be ignited. Follow our next edition. #mastercrafter #moosecider.


Moose Cider is proudly crafted as the first Thai Cider. We specially select the best quality apples from Europe. Rich and smooth, a pleasant sharpness and a clean finish. Moose Cider offers a bite of depth and flavor that lifts you beyond the ordinary. 

We are not a copy or a fake but something rooted in real life and purpose. Moose is a background color to good experiences, those life-fulfilling moments when good friends, great stories and big ideas come together and spark extraordinary feelings. 

We believe people are ready for something different and something authentic. Our purpose is to be the new way to enjoy life’s most rewarding moments. It’s for the moments you make and the moments you share. 

Moose Cider is available at bars, restaurants, Family Mart, all leading supermarkets and the convenient stores.

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