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Consent letter to collect, use and disclose personal data and utilization of cookies 

  I, hereinafter referred to as the “Owner of the personal data” hereby agrees to let hereinafter referred to the “Data controller” to collect, use or disclose my personal data which is under the possession of the data controller under the condition set henceforth. 

“Personal data” means any information relating to a person, which enables the identification of such person, whether directly or indirectly.

“Data controller” means a person having the power and duties to make decisions regarding the collection, use, or disclosure of the personal Data

The personal data which is collected, used, or disclosed shall be used for business purposes or for commencing agreement and/or for marketing and public relation purposes such as name-surname, address, telephone number, e-mail, date of birth etc. This shall not include information of a juristic person. 

1. Purpose of collecting and utilizing he personal data 

1.1. For business transaction or commencing agreement

The data controller shall collect the person data of the owner of the personal data and shall use it in accordance with the agreement where the owner of the personal data is a party to or is the authorized person of a juristic person who is the party or to use it in accordance with the request of the owner of the personal data prior to commencing the agreement. This shall include verifying and confirming the identity of a person or the authority of the company’s authorized person. 

1.2. For marketing and public relations 

The data controller shall collect the personal data of the owner and shall use it to confirm the identity to access the owner’s account via online system. This is to analyze the marketing data to propose benefits to the owner of the data, to make enquiry about the data and after services opinion. This shall be in accordance with the related law or regulations.

2. Disclosing of personal data

The data controller shall disclose the personal data to the internal departments of the company or the related subsidiaries of Siam Wineries Co., Ltd. to meet the purpose as determined in no. 1 or as per the order of the court or the competent officers or officers in accordance with the law. 

3. Denying the collection, utilization or disclosing of personal data 

In the event, the owner of the personal data denies the collection, utilization or disclosing of personal data and the data controller cannot verify and confirm the identity of the person including the authority of the company’s authorized person, the data controller shall have the right to deny entering into an agreement with the owner of the personal data or provide any online services. 

4. Duration of the collection of personal data 

Inter case of agreement, the data controller shall collect the personal data until the whole period of the agreement and shall retain continuing for successive 10 years until the agreement is ineffective or in the event of case prosecution between the parties, the data controller shall collect the personal data until the case is final and is enforced.  

In the case of the personal data used for the purpose of marketing or public relations, the data controller shall retain the data for the duration of the data owner receiving the services from the data controller, the data owner shall cancel the services at any time unless the condition of the services cannot be canceled, by the applicable law.

5. Storing of personal data

The personal data of the owner shall be stored as confidential under the security measures of the data controller. The personal data shall not be disclosed to others except for the purposed determined in no. 1. 

6. The owner of the persona data shall have the following rights; 

       The right to withdraw consent shall not affect the collection, use, or disclosure of personal data that the owner has already given consent as per this letter, the right to be entitled to request access to and obtain copy of the personal data or to request the disclosure of the acquisition of the personal data obtained without his or her consent, the right to transfer data unless it is impossible to do so because of  technical circumstances, the right to object or limit the use of the personal data, the right to request the data controller to destroy the personal data, or anonymize the personal data to become the anonymous data which cannot identify the owner, the right to request to restrict the data, the right to ensure that the personal data remains

accurate, up-to-date, and complete, the right to complaint if the data controller or the data processor breaches or violates, in part or in whole, the data protection law. 

The data controller may reject or partially proceed as per the request in accordance with the law.

7. Cookies Policy

“Cookies” mean text files which are in the computer system belonging to the owner of the personal data. This is for the purpose of storing internet data activity and browsing history of the owner.  

7.1 Purpose of using cookies 

The data controller shall collect the browsing history of the owner of the personal data via cookies to develop the e-services of the data controller so that the data controller can securely and continuously access the platform and to record the utilization and websites history for the purpose of marketing analyzation so that the owner can be proposed the benefits which matches the owner’s interest and to develop the efficiency of the platform.  

7.2. Types of Cookies

Our website will consist of the following cookies 

  1. 1. Functionality Cookies: Supporting cookies for the platform. This cookie remembers the owner’s preferences or platform settings and proposes the exact information of the person such as username, language, font or format of the platform.  
  2. 2. Advertising Cookies: Cookies for the advertisement is used to remember the history and type of the platform, to propose the products, services or advertisement which are related and in the interest of the owner. This is to assess the effectiveness of the advertisement campaigns. 
  3. 3. Strictly Necessary Cookies: Technical cookies: These cookies are necessary for the usage of the platform. This makes the owner access the data securely. 
  4. 4. Performance Cookies: These cookies evaluate the performance of the platform. These cookies will collect the data of the visitors of the platform anonymously and will analyze the number and behavior of the visitors. This is to develop the efficiency of the platform, so it is in accordance with the interest of the users. 
  5. 5. Third-party Cookies: These cookies will be determined by the service provider such as Google Analytics

7.3. Cookies setting 

You can set up the setting and deny the cookies for your browser. You may refer to this link.

8. Contact details of the data protection officer

The owner of the personal data may contact the data protection officer at the company. E-mail:

I have read and understood the terms and conditions set forth in this letter and hereby agrees to let the data controller to collect, use and disclose my personal data in accordance with this letter.


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